Why it is Egypt ?!!!

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All travelers want to visit all of the World so, they visit many Countries as much as they can , but still each one has a favorite Country where they had really good time there.

Many travelers would choose Egypt as their favorite Country , so WHY IT IS EGYPT?!!!!!

Each has own reasons we will talk about the most common reasons.

1- It is the warmest Country I have ever been to in Winter.

The Weather in Egypt is warm in Winter , hot in Summer, so it is the best Country to visit in Winter.

2- Egypt had a great civilization.

By visiting the Pyramids, see the Sphinx and watch the magnificent colors in the temples and the tombs prove Egypt had a great civilization.

3- I love the Egyptians they are for real a friendly people.

I’m Egyptian and I’m proud to be Egyptian,

Egyptians are peaceful and friendly because of the customs and traditions, the majority of Egyptians apply.

In the end I would like to invite you to visit Egypt with Nubian King Tours to Show you the Beauty of Egypt and to feel the Magic.

Mohamed Farrag

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